Disclaimer info/strong> FYI Nation Showreels The FYI Nation Showreel is how our community of listeners can find our original content-free of charge.  You can share the content on social media, download it to keep & use for your own enjoyment.  Our original content is recorded on www.mixlr.com & then within 24 hours you can find our most recent episodes. You can find all of our original episodes on the MIXLR FYI NATION SHOWREEL that aren't available here or on iTunes.  We are an all volunteer progressive talk station so our original programs may take up to 24 hours to be uploaded to our FYI Nation Showreels.  FYI Nation is working on being a social justice non-profit so anyone can have a voice, so if you don't want to do a live podcast or we don't have airtime available you can get an account here for a nominal donation. FYI Nation doesn't store any of its affiliate content here.  You would either have to purchase a subscription or  they might provide it as a free service.  The best place to find our original content is here. We only allow new podcasters 2 hours should you choose to have your own show & we don't discriminate on content.  While we are a primarily progressive live radio station we practice the fairness doctrine & anyone who would like to create a NEWS / TALK show is welcome.  We only provide iTunes abilities for our live content at FYI Nation.  If you are just hosting a podcast here we can set you up with the ability to have your content on iTunes for a gift of $75 a year or $5 a month.   FYI Nation provides no support other than the ability to help you get on iTunes. SEXUALLY GRAPHIC & WHITE SUPREMACIST CONTENT IS PROHIBITED ON FYI Nation Showreels.  Thank you for keeping FYI Nation a welcoming community, unless otherwise states, shows can have explicit material in them.